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A little of what we are about ...

DeWolf Bushcraft has been created to provide a woodland retreat for Emergency Services workers and NHS staff dealing with the moral injuries and strains of work and home life.  Tucked away in the Lake District, it is a sanctuary for those looking to use woodland, mountains and nature as a place to connect, adjust and heal.

​Originally a Paramedic in the London Ambulance Service, I eventually relocated to the Lake District after having to deal with my own moral injuries and burn-out.  Reconnecting with nature and the mountains has enabled me to heal and build strength again.  As such, I wish to share these opportunities with others and offer an invitation and a welcome to all who could benefit from time in the outdoors. 

Luke Rambling

Prior to my career in Emergency Medicine I led overseas expeditions into remote jungle environments, alongside working as an Outdoor Instructor in the UK.  To add to this, I have spent over fifteen years honing my Bushcraft and primitive skills.

Nowadays, I work as a Paramedic Practitioner in Primary as well as a Bank paramedic for the Northwest Ambulance Service.  I am a member of Kendal Mountain Rescue Team and when I have the opportunity I work as a medic supporting a wide variety of events. 

Luke Collyer

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