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The Sanctuary Project

This project has been set up to offer support and respite to Emergency Services workers, NHS staff, MRT, and all similar patient supporting individuals who may be, or have been dealing with burn-out, moral injury, or PTSD, as a result of work stresses - especially born out from the Covid era. 


Every donation will be used to help fund individuals to attend the Sanctuary Project from little to no cost whatsoever and help concentrate on having those that need this the most, attend without worrying about further costs to their personal lives.

Luke, DeWolf Bushcraft

Support The Sanctuary Project


Your Donations Matter

All donations we receive will go towards and fund the "upkeep" of the Sanctuary Project.


The Project, whilst in its infancy will be relying on donations to maintain its progress - for now.  As data is collected and funding sought, the project will aim to seek specific target investment and sponsorship to continue and grow.

All donations go straight to the CIC account and are used to fund personnel onto the events. 

Support The Sanctuary Project

How your Donations help

All donations we receive will go towards and fund the "upkeep" of the Sanctuary Project  and will cover two things:

1.  Upfront Costs

DeWolf Bushcraft wants to make the gatherings as freely accessible to those who need it as possible.  Currently the cost of each individual is a minimum £35 per day.  This covers all time, travel/fuel, firewood, land rent, food and supplements. 

2.  Ongoing Costs

This includes repairs, purchasing of hammock systems, tools etc (as replacements to existing - including wear and tear), and storage, and all other secondary issues/costs that will accompany the project.

Support The Sanctuary Project

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