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Campsite at Night
A Sanctuary Project to offer respite and a chance chill out . . .


The main goal at DeWolfBushcraftCIC is to offer sanctuary and support for Emergency Services workers, NHS staff, Mountain Rescue, and all similar people.  All whom may be dealing with burn-out, moral injuries, or PTSD.   By using proven benefits of natural woodland and tranquil outdoor settings we aim to improve mental health,  physical health and well-being.

In order to achieve this I have set up the Sanctuary Project, and wish to offer the great outdoors - with access to the woodlands, lakes, mountains and fells, where folk can have quality time in nature.  You will enjoy the outdoors by sleeping in hammocks or tents, cooking on open fires, indulging in foraging, bushcraft and primitive skills, fell walking and navigating, and offering the chance in personal discovery activities, such as ecotherapy, mindfulness, open water swimming, star gazing, and forest bathing.

Currently, I am using land negotiated near Windermere that is based in deep ancient woodland which has excellent access to the lakeshore and local fells.  Last year I ran three "pilot" weekends and sought Emergency Services Personnel and other NHS workers from all across UK to attend.  All three were successful, and valuable data was gathered, and with one of the participants wanting to return to assist in further gatherings.

The proven benefits of being in the mountains and woodlands are plentiful. Below are some links to articles and studies:

Two hour 'dose' of  nature significantly boosts health - Study

Natural Health Service: wildlife volunteers get mental health boost - Article

UK green spaces worth at least £30 billion a year in health welfare - Article

Wildlife Trust: Nature and Mental Health - Poster

For Veterans, outdoor therapy could become law - Article

The weekends were originally intended to be heavily or fully funded, and the long term goal will still be to do this.  However, due to having to break away and re-start the vision last year, almost from scratch again, I will have to ask for a small fee that will cover land use, fuel, and food - nothing more.  The exact costs will be sorted later.  But please feel free to ask and I can give details. 

As I have the "pilots" coming up I will be concentrating on filling these spaces.  However, we would never wantonly turn away those who wish to seek sanctuary.  Therefore, if you are in need of support, please contact us.

Support The Sanctuary Project

Support The Sanctuary Project

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