Atlatl and Arrows

Learn how to make primitive arrows and atlatls and their darts.

Gather resources locally, learn to straighten and shape your arrows and darts using heat.  Learn how to make the throwing impliment - the atlatl.


Arrow heads can be made from local slate, knapped from flint (if available), bone, antler or even carved from wood. 


You will learn different methods in fletching the arrows and darts with variety of different feathers, using real or artificial sinew or natural cordage.  Fletchings can be made with Turkey, Goose, Pheasant or locally sourced (and naturally fallen) crow/jack-daws.


And to finish, you can learn to make natural glues for sealing, and then practice shooting them with either a long bow or asiatic manchu style bow - or use your dart with the atlatl you would have made.

Arrow making
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