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Central American Expedition

We are in partnership with and we are aiming to start 10-14 day expeditions to Belize, Central America in 2021.

Belize sits neatly on the edge of the of the Caribbean, bordered by Guatemala, Honduras and the South East tip of Mexico.  Belize is famed for Caribbean beaches, Cayes and wild jungles. 

The aim of the trip will be to learn jungle skills at a base camp, within walking distance of Davis Falls (a 300 ft waterfall in the depths of secondary jungle).  Once you are familiar with jungle life and are prepared, we will go on a chosen trek through the deep jungles being completely self-sufficient throughout.  One potential option is to start at the huge limestone Natural Arch that sits over the river and end at the huge Mayan ruins of Caracol near the Guatemalan border.  On route we would find one of the largest caves in Central America: the Chiquibul Chamber. 

On completion there will be rest and relaxation on the Cayes, where you will have the opportunity for snorkelling or diving in some of the best areas in the world.  We will finish by watching the most relaxing sunsets, whilst sipping a cocktail (or two).

All expeditions will be preceded with a 2 day /1 night UK jungle training course, as part of the prep package. 

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