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Going alone - at last . . .

It is both with happy and sad news that I have to break the news that DeWolfBushcraft is having to break away from Friends of the Lake District and move forward with the Sanctuary Project alone.

There have been issues that have hindered the progress of the project - especially right up to the delivery of the first "pilot" weekends. And it is these issues that have clinched the final decision to move ahead alone.

So - what happens next?

Well - I am, as always, frantically juggling home life, a baby, and full time work, to sort a new location and change DeWolfBushcraft to a CIC, and keep the upcoming "pilots" running. After these weekends I will continue to arrange new dates and liaise with individuals and trusts/organisations to keep people coming and attending. I want this open to all who can attend.

I have managed to procure use of ancient woodland with kind permission and the new site is amazing. It is (currently) the same used on the first pilot. This will however, come at a small cost - as will food - see below.

So, what are the major changes?

Well - for one, I will not have access to the donations/funds raised through Friends of the Lake District. This is probably one of my most heart breaking parts of the change as I'm not sure, as yet what will happen here. People will have kindly donated money for the success of the Sanctuary Project and we are parting ways. The break from FLD is amicable but necessary and I will be liaising with them over what happens next. Watch this space! However, at the very least, I understand that if any donors who feel that the money needs to go the project then they are entitled to have a return.

However, I am aiming to start a GoFunding page as starter to help get things rolling here. In the meantime, and as before, I will voluntarily be giving my time to get everything going.

So, will it cost now?

In short, yes. Sorry. Genuinely - sorry. But I intend to keep costs down to a minimum. So, for example, you will only be paying for land usage and food/supplies. Until I can get funding on the way this is the only way forward for now.

This should be approximately £20 per person for land usage and then food/supplies on top. The latter I'm unsure about currently but maybe £20-£30. So, perhaps a total of ?£50 per person for a weekend away in hammocks, in a beautiful lake district woodland, learning primitive skills etc, I hope this will be acceptable.

So please bare with me as I slowly get this rolling. I am soooo happy to be doing it now MY way. And I hope you can come join me to sit round a fire, ponasse fish over fire, make primitive cordage and arrows, swim in the lake, walk in the lakeland fells and much much more.

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