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Taking a break / Family

I've been very silent on the bushcraft scene recently. This is simply due to home/work life. Contrary to my desires, I do not do this woodcraft/primitive skills full time. Unfortunately I work full time elsewhere. This, and the fact we have a wee bairn running around doing her best to try and kill herself, means I'v spent little time in the trees/mountains.

This means I won't be able to provide full courses at this time and will be "taking a break" from this for the short foreseeable future - until the wee bairn monster is slightly older, and we are more financially settled.

However, I do intend to run Sanctuary Project weekends this year so will be sorting these.

I apologise for this - but I do know some other quality providers out there nearby if anyone needs recommendations. I will be back but first must concentrate on family and me before concentrating on the woods.

Love, light, and peace

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